Beyond the thoughts

Tattered and Torn
These are the things I mourn
Because I can not change them
But I pull myself limb from limb
Just to see you smile
Because it’s the only thing saving me from this long mile down
Down to the blistering, beaten, boarders of my worst thoughts
Where the cure was shots
And I fought
I fought to kill these demons
But I am only human
And despite what you read in the storybooks
Sometimes its the crooks
That win
And when will it stop
and be time to close up shop
Because I am tired
Of these hollow smiles and shallow hellos

To my followers

Thank you for your love and support! You are some of the best and amazing people in this world!!

thanks for following my stupid blog cute cigarette babe. you should read my shitty poems or something <3

Thanks love, and you for following mine!I will definitely read your poems and stalk your blog lol <3