Beyond the thoughts

The night was beautiful. I got to go to the National Street Rod car show here in OKC and it was amazing I love all the old cars, hearing the engines rev. and seeing the enthusiasm of the spectators. I also got to see my dream car a 69’ Chevy SS Camaro in pristine condition!  Then a friend and I took his 67’ fast back mustang down Meridian to cruise the night away.

Just took this Pop Booth pic on Webcam Toy

Just took this Pop Booth pic on Webcam Toy

Just took this Retro pic on Webcam Toy

Just took this Retro pic on Webcam Toy

Accepting death

So I went on vacation about a week ago, and I went by plane. Well on my way back to Oklahoma I had fallen asleep. When you are on a plane asleep landing feels completely different than being awake. When you are awake you see the plane landing and prepare for the impact. Well in my case I was sleeping so when the plane impacted the ground I jolted awake and thought the plane was crashing. Instead of being in a panic I had the calmness and acceptance wash over me and embrace me. In that moment it felt like something had clicked and was like “It’s finally happening okay? You will be fine. Everything is okay” I wasn’t afraid of death. A split second later I realized we were just landing and i wasn’t crashing. Then I got sad and disappointed. Not because I was alive, because I do love life but I am just not sure what the feeling was that had came over me.

Hello, Stranger.

i have a story I must tell you, friends. 
About 2 days ago I was shopping with my best friend and my goddaughter at the mall. The day was thrilling and warm, so naturally we were tired from the heat and walking around everywhere. We were thinking of places to go grab a smoothie, and the mall didn’t have one, so lucky there was a Jamba Juice near by. I had never been to this Jamba Juice before but I knew I had to go to that one, not because of the convince but because of another force. I park my car, get the car-seat out, lock the door and walk in. The moment I walked in I saw a guy at the register. I looked at him with a thrown back but a familiar look I have always known, He looked a bit embarrassed that I saw him working there but he smiled as if he knew who I was as well. My friend and I sit down waiting for the line to leave and still deciding what to get since she had never been to one before. I keep catching the register guy looking at me, and I know he is catching my looks back at him. I walk to the counter to place our order, and to grab a water. I smile, he smiles, we know each other. The first thing he says to me is” Hello, Stranger” with a huge grin and it was in the tone of voice of someone you haven’t seen in a very long time. I say hi, laugh and talk to him, I know I know this guy. We talked like we had been friends for a long while I just have no clue. This guy was an old friend and I have no idea who he is or how I know him or even where I would have met him. No one I’m friends with knows this guy either. 

Is your hair dry yet?

I meant your* and I really like that movie too ^^ I was really hoping Leon could live T.T

Oh my glob! I know right! I cried, Leon was amazing!

I think youre favoritr movie is Leon: the professional xP

Favorite movie is wayne’s world.

I don't really have a favorite I like em all. I enjoy Michael Cera movies. They give me hope haha, Im an awkward kid and he always ends up with the girl and yeah. It sounds really bad but Ive never had a girlfriend and all I want are cuddles xD. You?

I love how he is so awkward I love awkward people! Cuddling is pretty amazing, I kinda had to many bad relationships to miss having a significant other.